Checkpoint Success Story

As a global company, serving hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, we at Check Point understand the enormous potential and actual power of diversity. Our customers and partners worldwide benefit from our innovative technology solutions, which are being developed and presented to them by our diverse human capital anywhere around the globe.

Since the success of our company is relying on the people who work in it, we strive to bring the best people we can find, and we are totally committed to enable them to experience success while developing their career at Check Point. Leading the Cyber Security market for more than two decades has taught us that excellence comes in all shapes and colors. Based on this acknowledgment, we developed our human resources recruitment strategy, focusing greatly on diversity and excellence.

We can safely say that our commitment to diverse employment goes hand in hand with our commitment to any other business and technology objectives we have as a company. We do, in fact, see that maintaining a diverse company helps us greatly to be a successful company. More than 4,000 employees in over 90 different countries are a living proof to this commitment.