Fiverr Success Story


“Diversity isn’t just about providing opportunity within Fiverr. It’s about recognizing how perspectives from different backgrounds contribute to the strength of the business and its ability to innovate. As a company that supports a community stretching across 190 countries, Fiverr recognizes that individuals from every walk of life have value and perspective to add because it’s displayed every day in our marketplace.

The same values implemented throughout our community enabling every entrepreneur to thrive on the platform, without regard to race, religion, gender, nationality or sexual preference, are the same values we embrace within our organization. Companies built on diversity come with a broader set of experiences, unique perspectives, different opinions and new ideas, resulting in greater business success. Our diverse team helps us continue to think differently and understand the multitude of views and needs of our community.

By implementing hiring and promotion practices that ignore factors such as race, religion and gender, and focusing solely on talent and potential – we are able to create a stronger, more diverse organization. At Fiverr, approximately 40 percent of the workforce is women, and more importantly, 40 percent of mid management and top management are women as well. By implementing salary audit practices in our company, we assure income equality across the company, thus contributing to the elimination of gender pay gap or racial pay gap issues.

Just like every freelancer, small business and entrepreneur on our platform deserves an equal chance to succeed, so do our employees. We believe that implementing these practices allows us to bring diverse talent to the forefront and help shatter glass ceilings. As we continue to grow and expand the business to new places, we’re committed to mirroring the same diversity internally that we see within our global community. “