GamEffective success story

Diversity isn’t just about checking off an ‘ethical box’, at Gameffective we see incredible value in the wide range of employees that we have, and we believe it strengthens our business, enabling us to be the successful global company we are today. “We did not mean to have a diverse workforce by design, we just focused on hiring the best people we could”, says Gal Rimon, Founder and CEO of GamEffective, “yet we ended up with a diverse workforce in terms of age and background”.
Most importantly, our female representation is strong, with four women out of nine in executive management, and a 50% female research and development department. “We’re proud of walking the walk of diversity in our management team and we hope to encourage others to do the same” says Rimon.
At Gameffective, we provide a platform for companies to increase employee performance and motivation, therefore we cannot emphasize enough the importance of diversity to ensure that.
A diverse workplace is the foundation for gaining unique perspectives and recognizing our clients wants and needs. As we grow, we know that our diversity is and will give us the advantage to understand and support different cultures and norms across the globe.