Gili Tamir

Organizational Consultant & Clinical Psychologist

Gili Tamir is an organizational consultant, a clinical psychologist, a social entrepreneur, and a Brigadier-General (res.) in the IDF.

He holds an M.A in Clinical Psychology from Haifa University, where he was a lecturer and a faculty member.

Mr. Tamir started his career as a psychologist treating adolescents in a public psychological clinic, and held a private clinic for 20 years.


Today, he is a lecturer in the M.A program in Organizational Development at IDC in Herzliya. 

In the last 30 years, Mr. Tamir has been working with senior management of technology companies of various scale (from global corporations to startup companies and venture capital funds) in a range of sectors (Software, Medical, Capital Equipment, Internet, Cyber, and more).

His areas of specialization are: organizational culture, organizational aspects of M&A transactions, development of senior management teams, personal advisory to CEOs. .

In addition, Mr. Tamir is engaged in a range of social activities including:

● Leading the operating committee of Kfar Izun – a therapeutic and rehabilitative program for youth in severe mental crisis.
● Board member of Ro׳im Rahok – a non-profit organization that prepares adolescents on the autistic spectrum for a meaningful service in the IDF.
● Initiator of the IDF Ethics and Values Project – working closely with the IDF Chief-of-Staff and Chief Education Officer. Translating the IDF code of ethics and values to behavioral norms embedded in the IDF day to day routine.
● Co-initiator of Managerial Mentoring for Brigade Commanders Program – providing mentorship for brigade commanders in their first civilian roles by top business executives.
● Diversity and inclusion – an active member in the steering committee of Power In Diversity (PID), a joint initiative of Israel’s leading venture capital funds to promote diversity in the tech industry.
● Diversity team in the IDC Herzliya – a course with participants from diverse backgrounds studying and resolving issues of diversity in employment.

Brigadier-general in the Omek HQ – decades of experience in the special forces and special operations domains during reserve service.