Jfrog Success Story

Cooking up success? Don’t forget to put the diversity secret sauce inside!

Imagine yourself trying to fix dinner from tomatoes only…

Vegetables only may be easier, but not sure you’ll get all minerals and vitamins your body needs, and for sure it will not be as tasty and appealing as a dinner with some more alternatives…

Whether your family loves meat or veggie, as many more alternative ingredients you’ll have, as rich and attractive, your dinner will be…

As much as this comparison may seem strange, I believe this is just as important when cooking up the success of a company!

No matter what your product or solution is, if you’re built to last, you’d like your Total Addressable Market to be as diverse and big as possible, with multiple customers, from a variety of verticals.

It’s just the same when it comes to your managers and employees – as much as they will be more diverse, as rich your offering will be.

Having a diverse workforce shouldn’t be done just for the sake of fighting discrimination but for the sake of the business; for allowing us to cook the BEST company with richness of components that are providing an amazing taste!

DevOps is a culture that emphasizes collaboration and communication between teams.

As a leading company in today’s DevOps world, we, at JFrog strongly believe this kind of culture is especially crucial in a global environment with diverse teams. What keeps us together at all times is our unique frogs’ CODEX which was designed and created by our team.

While JFrog offices are spread in a few continents, as long as you are a frog at heart, the codex should pave the path for you and highlight the values you should follow. Integrity, Customer happiness, innovation, Team Spirit, Open Communication, Care, Win and agility – have been gathered together for our codex, but have been here since the day JFrog was founded!

Speaking of cooking, you need to put some data in the cook book so here are a few figures from our own experience:

Our board of directors is a puzzle of multiple cultures; from founders (French and Israelis), to a board of mixture of French, Israeli, American and South African members.

Out of 12 management members, 4 are women – VP Sales, VP R&D, VP HR and COO.

1/3 of our workforce in all continents is women. We would love it to be 1/2 but unfortunately, we’re still in an era where not enough women study computer science and other relevant degrees.

We’re cooking up our success with frogs from a variety of ages, religions, sexual orientations, cultures and backgrounds.

This multi-cultural power helps us expand the company worldwide and triggers agility from coding to customer and community happiness!

Credit: Orit Goren, COO at JFrog