Kaminario success story/

Since our beginning at Kaminario, we believed that the people are our advantage and that diversity makes all the difference.
We compete against huge companies and we attempt to bring forward our force and innovation in turning in existing product into a smarter, faster, stronger and more customer oriented one.
We strive to revolutionize the market, and supply storage solutions for very large corporations such as banks, labs, hospitals or universities. In order to do that, we need to solve problems that others couldn’t solve, and reach market shares that are untouched by our competitors. What gives us the ability to be exciting and interesting, is diversity- different people examining the same problems from different angles, and coming up with diversified solution.
Different people meaning, different life experiences, cultures, genders, backgrounds or geographical origin, may have different ways of looking at and defining a problem. Therefore, the search for solution and the finding of one must be varied to.
People who grew up in similar environment, probably received a similar upbringing, training them to face challenges in a similar manner as well with the same set of tools. Diversity means, bringing together people that are ‘wired’ differently. When we incorporate someone, who was raised in the Galilee, with someone who was raised in an immigrants’ home and someone who was raised in Denya neighborhood in Haifa and studied at the Technion, we bring to the table many diversified tools nd problem solving methods. When you bring together people from different backgrounds and life experiences, the discussion is no less mind blowing
The real question however, is what we gain from diversified work force that is way beyond problem resolution. The answer is, velocity.
The process of defining the problem and our capacity to offer solutions and implement them has sped up significantly due to the ability and intension to incorporate professionals from a variety of identities and life experiences.
Diversity turns the cold review phase to a much more qualitative one. People who are similar will approach a problem in the same manner and find less faults, because that is how they were raised and taught. Diversity is how we guarantee to our selves to find more faults, in less time, and find more effective solutions. a mass wisdom, if you will.
The diversity process was done intuitively. We had no targets set, and yet when we examined our statistics we discovered we have 40% women in the company and 40% in R&D. lately, the first woman joined the management team. Uniquely, we have a man as VP HR who worked his way up from lower HR positions. That is also a less common phenomenon in the hi tech and startup industry. If you visit our engineering floor you will find quite a few people over the age of 45. Three of the workers are over 60 two of them are engineers, which isn’t a common sight either.
We are aware of the complexities, and we do not blur them. we are aware that diversity requires management and team training, facing the organizational unknown and the daily inclination that we all have on one level or another.
For instance, what can be done, when there is a management decision to implement diversity but not all members are unified with that decision?
And what do we do about questions revolving religion such as keeping kosher? We have religious (Jewish) workers and Muslim workers. How do we organize employee offsite events? What do we do on the Ramadan for happy hour and what gifts do we give during Eid al Fitr?
How do we cope with cultural differences? Where do our lines draw as an organization and what is left to be private for every worker?
When the company is by decision and by act a diversified company, complexities will always rise. The sensitivity bar will be higher than average and there will always be Disruption.
We believe that disruption is an excellent tool for innovation and quality. There right way to conduct it is to create an unsterile environment where you can discuss anything with the right management, with prudence and sensitivity while minding boundaries and flexibility.