Knowmail Success Story

Knowmail didn’t plan for diversity; it happened completely naturally.
“Our criteria focused on the individual’s personality and capability, and not looks nor religious beliefs, and we ended up with a wide range of individuals who may have different ways of life but a common goal within our company“. – Oded Avital, COO and cofounder of Knowmail
The scope of the team includes ultra-orthodox Jews, kibbutz members, Olim Hadashim from US and Russia, different genders, students and doctors, a variety of ages ranging from mid-twenties to seventy, as well as many locations ranging from Haifa all the way to Be’er Sheva which display the desire to be a part of an amazing journey and vision rather than a local commute.
While there is a broad range of individuals, the contribution is uncanny, as they work together to solve common problems, overcome difficult challenges, and contribute to each other’s personal and professional growth.
Furthermore, there is no set segmentation within the roles and departments; for example, the Artificial Intelligence team is made up of doctors, orthodox, and young urban individuals all working shoulder-to-shoulder, supporting each other and overcoming the common challenges. This is visible in every department.
The teamwork together has ended up proving a positive culture, growth, and atmosphere that is not resembled anywhere else with such a close-knit team.