professional partners

 Organizations Committed to Driving Diversity

 A not porfit organization promoting employment diversity in Israel’s booming hi tech industry, by integrating human capital from social segments with no direct access to the lucrative employment options the industry has to offer.processes of recruiting, hiring and retaining employees from the Arab society. They We offer workshops, lectures, HR forum and more to assist companies in their diversity efforts.

An Arab-Jewish organization promoting the integration of Israel’s Arab Citizens into its hi-tech industry, through employment and the creation of hi-tech centers in Arab towns.  Tsofen’s unique model facilitates the integration of academic graduates from the Arab community into Israel’s advanced hi-tech industry: software, hardware, information systems and other technology-based fields. 

Applied Center for the Psychology of Social Change develops innovative, evidence-based, practical knowledge and tools to improve intergroup relations. The Center’s goal is to foster tolerant and equal relations between and amongst the various groups in Israeli society. Its unique added value is to bring cutting-edge social psychological theory and data to address these goals, thereby elevating the effectiveness of various initiatives in this field. 


Provides a wide variety of jobs  for people with occupational disabilities. The Center offers  workshops for individual security guidance

An organization, among other things, providing scholarships to Haredi students in universities and colleges and providing placement services for those graduates.Yedidut Toronto’s mission is to identify unmet social needs and create effective, cost-efficient intervention models that empower people to become self-sufficient. 

Tech-Career, based on the premise that sustainable professional employment in Israel’s high-tech work face is a key to the integration and social mobility of the young generation of Ethiopian Israeli community. Tech-Career’s vision is to serve as a springboard for young Ethiopian-Israelis to gain the knowledge and skills to pursue promising and sustainable careers in fields in high demand in Israel’s high-tech industries.

Nisha Group, specialized in recruiting quality executive and professional candidates in the Hi-Tech, Bio-Med, Cleantech and the Finance Industries. The company is provides its tailored recruiting solutions throughout the country. 

Helping organizations to recruit employees from the Arab community

A unique program established to facilitate the integration of Haredim into the Israeli High-Tech workforce including placement center. At this point of time, the needs of Israeli society and the local hi-tech industry intertwine. The integration of talented young Haredim in hi-tech companies can be an ideal response to the need of the hi-tech world in Israel for well trained and enthusiastic workers.

 The activity of the Initiative is based on proven benefits for the business sector in hiring Arab employees, and focuses on providing services to help companies go through the process of internal change, learning, and expertise that will enable them to change processes of recruiting, hiring and retaining employees from the Arab society.

 A community of women in technology, created to achieve an equal number of female and male software developers in Israel. Their members include women who want to learn software development or make a career shift into high-tech, developers who want to advance their skills and network with other women in high-tech and also high school students who are learning to program.

Tmarim organization was establish in purpose to offer solution for internet-based companies that operate 24/7 and wish to “Keep Shabbat”.This organizxation helps its clients meaningfully reduce the probability of major failures in their service during Shabbat that and in case of such failures provide ways of solving them without “Chilul Shabbat”.

Women in Hi-Tech was created with the purpose of advancing and empowering professional women in the high tech community in Israel. Woman in high-tech community include of 7000+ professional women in different roles and fields and promote sharing ideas and open conversation about pressing subjects like career development, leadership in the boys club, professional challenges and juggling work-life balance from a women point of view.

Ravtech is a fast-growing Research & Development Services company with expanding offices in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem. RavTech is a one-of-a-kind software house, providing a wide range of software services, specializing in Mobile, web, DevOps and QA Automation, With an exceptionally proficient employee base of rabbinical scholars, high-level management and a direct communication approach with our customers; ensuring optimal delivery at a quick time-to-market.

ITC is a nonprofit with a mission to supply the Israeli high tech industry with high quality software engineers. It does so by sourcing talent outside of Israel. Its core competencies are screening, high-end training and placement. Training programs are designed and taught in partnership with leading high-tech companies in Israel. The companies help us design the courses so they fit the needs of the industry, and then take on teaching a part of the curriculum

LGBTech is the first of a kind organization in Israel to promote LGBT+ diversity and inclusion. We work with companies in order to celebrate and improve their LGBT+ diversity. Companies joining our us sign up to our ‘statement of principles’ in which they commit to ensuring their workplace recognizes, values and accommodates the needs of the LGBT+ community. We then work with the companies to build yearly plans based on the topics most important to them -for example reviewing company policies, LGBT+ parenting, transitioning at work.