Behalf Success Story

Behalf was founded to bring affordable working capital solutions to the small business community. At the heart of all we do is our vision for a more diverse business landscape, where businesses of all sizes and industries can have equal access to the resources they need to grow. We serve small business owners that have historically been overlooked and underserved by banks.

In our mission to increase diversity in the business sector, we also lead by example. Behalf is committed to cultivating an inclusive work culture in our Ra’anana and New York offices. Our diverse, multidisciplinary team believes in the power of disruptive thinking and uses a melting pot approach to push our innovative agenda. Our employee base is comprised of members of every world religion, including Orthodox Jews; Muslims; and Christians, as well as newly immigrated peoples from across the globe.

Diverse leadership is also crucial to our operations. While “only 7% of FinTech organizations employ female executives,” according to Financial News, Behalf is proud to count 5 talented female Executives among our Management Team. We strive for an inclusive workforce that reflects the demographics of those we serve and continue to apply hiring practices that foster a culture of inclusion.

“Start-ups succeed or fail based on the strength of the team,” shared Benjy Feinberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Behalf. “As someone who has lived in many countries, I have personally experienced how living in different places and being immersed in different cultures evolves one’s world view. To challenge the status quo of the American financial system, oppositional thought and ingenuity are required. At Behalf, the diversity of thought brought by our global team is core to our business strategy.”

Behalf is an alternative financing provider specializing in on-demand credit for business purchases. The Behalf solution seamlessly integrates with telesales and ecommerce workflows, presenting customers with a range of best-in-class payment terms at the point of sale. This solution, driven by data and technology, is proven to increase sales 10-20%. Behalf has been recognized as a “Rising Star” among Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 and was named “Best Online Business Lender” at the 2017 Tradestreaming Awards. For more information on how Behalf is transforming the way businesses buy and sell, visit