Strengthening The Start-Up Nation Through Diversity and Inclusion

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We have a vision

Imagine if Israeli industry could maximize its human capital, benefitting from the potential of everyone in our society, where Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs founded companies together, women took the lead in start-up management, and recruitment teams made active efforts to diversify their companies!
Power in Diversity brings diversity to Israel’s venture capital and hi-tech space, by developing and implementing tools for promoting a variety of opinions, abilities and experience to create new opportunities and horizons for people and startups alike.

Why diversity matters?

Making Companies Stronger

Combining different cultures and worldviews in a thoughtful manner in the work environment encourages creative thinking. We learned that diversity can foster better development and QA processes and a more agile and flexible leadership. An organization that is better able to adapt and provide solutions in a rapidly changing world – all lead to improving a company's chance for success.

Making Israel Stronger

Providing opportunities for diverse populations to integrate into high-tech companies is key to social mobility. As the high-tech industry is a leader in innovation in the Israeli economy, we believe that increasing diversity in high-tech will bring new employment opportunities to underprivileged populations both inside and outside the high-tech industry, and equal employment opportunities that may lead to socio-economic growth in many sectors in Israel.

"At a time when conflict and distrust are increasing, it is even more important to create an arena for tolerance, equality and hope. The Israel Diversity Initiative is intended to enable the high tech workplace to be that place of positive interaction – where we all can work and build great companies and this country together.
Join our efforts to create a more inclusive, tolerant and diverse tech ecosystem!"

Alan Feld, Founder and Managing Partner, Vintage Investment Partners, and Founder of of Power in Diversity

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We will create a more united society, and our companies will be better positioned to succeed.

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