Strengthening The Start-Up Nation Through Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity encourages Creativity

“Diversity fosters innovation and creativity through a greater variety of problem-solving approaches, perspectives, and ideas.”
Diversity Matters, McKinsey & Company 2015

Imagine an Israeli industry that employs the most of its human capital, inviting the potential of everyone in our society. Where Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs found companies together, women take the lead in start-up management, and recruitment teams make active efforts to diversify their companies.
Our world is made up of people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and ideas. And now, we’re looking to bring diversity to Israel’s venture capital and hi-tech space. When such unique perspectives are combined, our community becomes richer, and our leaders, players, and the products we create become more fitting for the world in which we live.
Diversity and Inclusion increase creativity, innovation and access to a wide variety of tools, practices and problem solving methods.
Power in Diversity Israel sees creativity and ingenuity as the core values of the Start-up eco-system as well as of the world of diversity and inclusion. Therefore, we understand that prosperity, fast movement, healthy disruption are founded in the ability to turn Israeli high-tech industry into a multi-cultural environment, improving our professional and business results as well as contributing to turning Israel into a more inclusive society. As a start-up nation we must become diverse in order to reach new heights of success.
Power in Diversity Israel was created by the industry but is also leading a vision of partnership, dialogue and voice to each member of Israeli society through excellency.

Join our efforts to create a diverse Israeli hi-tech industry

"The Israeli Diversity Initiative is a bottom-up organization of over 30 Israeli VC firms coming together to promote diversity and equality of opportunity.
A similar initiative was started in the US in 2014 by the National Venture Capital Association, led by Kate Mitchell, the then Chairperson of the NVCA.
At a time when conflict and distrust are increasing, it is even more important to find an arena for tolerance, equality and hope. The Israel Diversity Initiative is intended to enable the high tech workplace to be that place of positive interaction – where we all can work and build great companies and this country together. The Israeli initiative is aiming to form a "one-stop-shop" to transform this vision to reality, including: creating social awareness, providing a strong supply of candidates from underrepresented social groups, train companies and professionals for diversity best practices and cooperate with the government in providing incentives and annual industry research.
Join our efforts to create a more inclusive, tolerant and diverse tech ecosystem!”

Alan Feld, Founder and Managing Partner, Vintage Investment Partners, and Chairman of the Diversified Israeli Technology Initiative
"Diversity of culture, people and ideas is something we should pursue not only for the benefit of our society but also for the benefit of our companies. It’s a source of our competitive advantage."
Modi Rosen
Managing Partner, Magma
"We have an amazing startup eco-system, the only thing that is holding us back is access to great human capital. If we will be able to become truly diversified, we will double the size of the industry, double the amount of employees, double the number of startups and double the returns. We are proud to take part in #PowerInDiversity"
Kobi Samboursky
Founder and Managing Partner, Glilot Capital Partners
"Diversity at work places empowers creativity, challenges paradigms and facilitates a wider range of opinions leading to better decision making processes. At Qumra we highly encourage gender diversity not only among our own team but in our portfolio companies’ management teams and group of employees. I believe that a truly diversified venture capital society will result in improved productivity, enhanced operations and in turn higher proceeds."
Sivan Shamri Dahan
Partner, Qumra Capital
"I support this initiative because it is clear that diversified teams perform much better than non-diversified teams. We improve our industry while making a better society"
Daniel Cohen
General Partner, Carmel Ventures
"F2 seeks diversity in teams we invest in because it is obvious to us these are the best and most complete"
Jonathan Saacks
Managing Partner, F2 Capital
"The venture capital industry places great emphasis on diversification; historically, this diversification has been about industry sectors, business models and revenue sources. At StageOne Ventures, we believe diversification is also about making progress in hiring more underrepresented minorities and in closing the pay gap between men and women. Because ultimately, the inequalities that persist in our society are everyone's burden."
Yuval Cohen
Managing Partner, StageOne Ventures

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