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Learn more about D&I lectures, Unconscious biases, Implementing and executing in a fast-paced environment, Inclusive organizational perception, and practice for change.

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Mindstart program, led by Dr. Galit Desheh and aChord Center for Social Psychology, was designed to address the changing workplace and fast-paced environment characteristic of startups in the Israeli ecosystem. We have worked with leading companies in the industry, including Minute media, Gong, Yotpo, Appsflyer, and more, and has seen great success, including doubling the number of women in R&D positions, integrating autism spectrum employees into QA positions, and successfully placing employees from the Arab sector.
As far as we are concerned, with the right partners, the sky is the limit.

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Join us today and sign the declaration supporting diversity and inclusion and promoting underrepresented populations in the Israeli tech sector, and together we make Israel a leading environment in all aspects of life.

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