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As part of the industry, Power in Diversity speaks your language, understands your needs and can provide you with the best tools, practices and knowledge that will help you increase diversity as part of building a great company.

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The Mindstart! program– consulting for diversity

In order for a start-up to enable talented people from a variety of identities, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds to integrate into it, it is necessary to analyze your company’s needs’ strength, challenges and culture.
We will work with you on Building flexible work structures, creating a work environment suitable for members of different genders and backgrounds, smart recruitment processes –
all of these may help you transform your organization from a successful organization to a leading one.


As the start-up industry immerged in the 90’s, it’s organizational structure was determined mainly by its entrepreneurs at the time – young developers, mostly men, who sat together in a garage working day and night to fulfill a dream of breaking through with a technological product.

Since those days, the start-up industry has grown and become a leading engine of economics in many countries, and from tiny companies with several developers sharing a dream, start-up companies became employers for hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees.

However, the meteoric growth of the industry has not led to growth for all sections of society. As many startups maintained the corporate culture of working long hours, women and parents in general could not find their place in this industry.
Farther more, as many startups kept hiring people that are similar in many aspects to those already employed by the company, startups are relatively homogeneous – and as a result excluding many from the industry.

Our response

Organizational Diagnosis

Every consulting process begins with a brief organizational diagnosis tailored to the needs of your startup.
The diagnosis will help us analyze the needs and capabilities of your organization to combine diversity and generalization, and select the practices that are most relevant to you.

Accompanying process

We developed modular,  short-term processes , based on your inner diagnosis that will which you can prepare your organization for diversity processes.

Training, tools and practices

We offer short and long term training on the subject of diversity with an emphasis on the training of team leaders, human resources and senior managers, in accordance with the needs of the start-up.

Asaad Joubran

Partner at Elah Fund

“The event with PID and Itworks integrated our vision on diversity in the most practical way possible. We conveyed in a short time content related to the inclusive organizational culture and the practice of hiring diverse employees. We received very positive feedback from our portfolio companies.”

Oren Israelson

VP people, Vim

“We were expecting another lecture that would pass the rules and explain do’s and don’ts. In practice we received two hours of fascinating lecture in which Galit gently, thoroughly, full of wit and sincerity broke the law and moreover the reality in which we work and live and led a discourse (present to this day in the corridors) on important issues such as respectful work environment. Spring, organizational culture allows and more. At the end of the meeting, the managers in the organization continued with another conversation in which we received tools and insights that serve us in the day-to-day decision-making processes. ”

Yael Itzhaki

‏Head of people, Gong

” We at Gong believe in diversity and inclusion as a way of life. After careful planning, the PID diagnosis process was launched. Galit’s opening lecture to the company’s employees was an instructive and enriching experience. Any company that has diversity on its agenda will gain enlightening insights from this in-depth process. “

Liat Shahar

Chief People Officer, Minute Media

We collaborated with Power in Diversity as part of the company’s growth and focus on diversity and inclusion in Israel to identify gaps and create a strategic plan. Mindstart and its professional team helped us refine our needs as a company, understand how to strengthen our capacity for inclusion as an organization, and recruit diverse candidates at the time that our organization was most ready for absorption. TIt is a comprehensive program that requires organizational commitment, while at the same time is tailored to the pace of a startup in growth. The program leads to significant results. Highly recommend! ”