2024 Gender Gaps In Israeli Tech

Gender disparities persist in the Israeli tech industry, posing a significant challenge and
reflecting broader societal gaps in 2024. Despite progress in diversity and inclusion efforts,
women in tech still encounter barriers to achieving pay equality with their male counterparts.

Diversity in start-ups report 2022

This is the second year that Power in Diversity has published the diversity report.
This year, we checked 650 start-ups operating in the Israeli ecosystem (VC backed companies). The report focuses on the state of women in start-ups (in management and R&D positions), as well as Israeli Arabs and Ultra-Orthodox Jews in the local ecosystem. Additionally, the report highlights Israeli companies that are leading the way in promoting diversity and inclusion.

2021 Women in startups report

Our study examined 424 start-ups (private and VC backed companies) that operate in the ecosystem and 70 Venture Capital (VC) funds that are active in Israel. It presents captivating data about women in Israel’s ecosystem and highlights 40 companies taking the lead to represent women.